Bubble Jog-a-thon Friday, September 21, 2018

Frank Vessels Elementary School PTA is raising money for student field trips, educational equipment, educational enrichment activities and much more for this school year.  Frank Vessels PTA realizes the importance of promoting healthy behaviors in our youth.  Therefore, instead of selling unwanted or unhealthy merchandise they are choosing to raise money through a Bubble Jog-a-Thon.

Student Incentives

1) Each student will automatically receive one raffle ticket for entry into the daily lunchtime raffle to be held Tuesday, September 25th—Friday, September 28th.

2) Register your student with TheGetMovinCrew© online your student will receive a lanyard.

  • Each $10 donation receives Lunchtime raffle entry. Be on the look out in the Sunday Bulldog Bark email, PTA’s FB page and the Bulletin Board for pictures of the raffle items.
  • EVERY $25 donation = a plush Emoji that they can display on their lanyard/backpack. There are over 40 plush Emojis to earn.
  • $70 = An Ice Cream party and extra recess during lunch at a later date, TBA.
  • $100 =“Golden Ticket” for the following…. You are eligible for a “Golden Ticket” for every $100 donation.


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