Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year! It’s time for free books. All you need to do is participate in Home Reading Club, the PTA sponsored reading incentive program for grades first- sixth and special day classes. For every two months that you participate in Home Reading Club you will be able to choose a free book donated by the PTA. Here’s how the program works:

You will need to print a parent slip. Put your name, room number, the months that you read and list 6 books titles that were read. Each slip is good for 2 months. You will need to read each month to receive your book. That means two months of reading for one book.

Read 20 minutes a day for  20 days each month. This will total to 400 minutes per month, After 2 months you will have a total of 800 min of reading time. (6th grade read 30 minutes, 20 days during each month.)

Write the title of at least three books you read during each month on your parent slip. Or if you read one large book write down the pages that you read.

Have a parent/guardian sign your the slip, add your signature, and turn into your teacher.

It’s that easy! A free book just for doing your homework! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

HRC Parent Slip

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Staci Pitassi
Home Reading Club Chair

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