Vessels PTA is excited to announce that we are apart of the Brain Power Mania Contest.

The program officially starts August 15th. 

We can earn bonus points by attending a Summer Concert!

Brain Power Mania offers 25 local schools an opportunity to earn anywhere from $250 to $2,500 a school year.

By shopping at stores or seeing a movie in The Buena Park Downtown Center / Mall and turning in your receipts to Vessels PTA or Customer Service Center at the Mall, PTA will earn points for each receipt turned in. At the end of the year the school with the most points will receive $2,500.

These are a few ways you can earn points:

  • EARN 500 POINTS AT SUMMER CONCERTS. Held on Wednesdays from 7-9pm in the Krikorian Courtyard. Sign in at Customer Service to earn 500 points for each family that attends. Event schedule subject to change.
  • July 25: K-Pop Fest
    Hosted by Comic/DJ Paul Kim with dancers & singers
  • Aug. 1: The Trip Band
    Contemporary Rock
  • Aug. 8: Pop Gun Rerun
    80’s Live Music Experience
  • Aug. 15: Surfin’
    The Beach Boys Tribute
  • Aug. 22: Scot Bruce, A Tribute to The King
    Celebrating the life of Elvis Presley
  • Aug. 29: Grand Finale Night with PaperBack Writer
    The Beatles Experience
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